A ship hull below water
A ship hull below water

Innovation and technology

For almost a century, our mission has been to protect property in every corner of the world. Our global R&D network is the backbone of our industry-leading innovation and technology.

A guided tour inside Jotun's R&D facilities giving you an idea of the huge development and testing job that lies behind our paints and coatings

500 Scientists and researchers

7 Research and testing facilities worldwide

36 Nationalities in R&D network

12 Average No. of years in R&D

Jotun's global R&D network strives to improve existing paints and coatings, and come up with new products and solutions. Photo: Jotun/Morten Rakke

Innovation – from idea to paint

At the forefront of innovation, our brilliant R&D minds work tirelessly to develop products, solutions and practices that help us move towards a more sustainable future.

On the stormy west coast of Norway you find Kråkenes lighthouse. Jotun’s exterior paint Drygolin Nordic Extreme protects the wooden lighthouse in this harsh environment. Photo: Ole Eltvik

Testing for the extreme

We rigorously test our products under the most extreme conditions to make sure that our paints and coatings protect property in any environment.

Looking into an advanced microscope at Jotun's Research and Development centre in Sandefjord, Norway

From local inspiration to global innovation

Our team of expert scientists focus on addressing global challenges, as well as adapting to local specifications and requirements throughout the world.

Signing of the collaboration contract between Jotun and NTNU

Driving change through collaboration

To share and develop knowledge, understanding and technology – as well as enable world leading and sustainable products and solutions – we join forces with academia and external partners.

Scientist Andreas Løken at global paints and coatings company Jotun's main R&D Center in Sandefjord, Norway, performing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements in order to assess barrier properties of protective coatings. Photo: Jotun/Morten Rakke.

Great minds for groundbreaking solutions

Case stories

A Jotun display in a paint shop

The Jotun Multicolor story

Our colour tinting system has been a global leader in the field for decades. Today, it still represents a truly innovative solution that gives our customers the colour they want.

The Jotun HullSkater is a unique, disruptive technology for underwater inspections and proactive hull cleaning. The HullSkater is kept onboard at all times in a portable unit station with launch and recovery ramp.

Proactive cleaning to improve ship efficiency

Jotun's Hull Skating Solutions combines superior antifouling with leading-edge technology to help the shipping industry reduce its fuel costs and carbon footprint.